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The mission of Pre-Hospital Medical Care Educators is to provide a comprehensive level of education programs that are designed to encourage the acquisition of knowledge, development of skills, and the promotion of self-directed learning that are of value to our community and emergency services.

What we are about

Pre-Hospital Medical Care Educators, is a group of emergency service professionals that feel there is a gap in the knowledge that the medical provider should have and what they are being taught. It is our desire and responsibility to close the gap. In doing so elevating the career we are proud to be a part of. In the 10 years this group has been teaching initial EMT classes they have consistently maintained a student pass rate of 88 to 92% for a candidate's first time attempt at the NREMT written exam. The ambulance services, in the Hartford region, have indicated a decrease in initial training time and an overall improvement in the competence of new providers. Students have traveled greater than an hour, waited 4 to 6 months and even called around to find this experienced group of educators. This is an excellent indicator to us that we are doing the task we set out to accomplish. We have a consistent review of programs and student performance. This helps to assure the quick identification of students who are falling behind or need additional help. It also allows peer review of instructors and identifies weakness in the educator or teaching method. In this way we improve student performance and educator methodology.

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